Pracovna is looking for a chef

PRACOVNA is looking for a chef or cook who will take over the responsibility for the kitchen in our café and related tasks: preparing meals, processing food information for bartenders (composition, serving, storing), preparing purchases and orders from suppliers, cleaning and preparation of catering.

 We welcome previous experience from similar operations and eagerness to realize yourself in a kitchen of your own.

Full time (but you do not have to be with us every day). Starting ASAP. Reward: CZK 18.000 (form of cooperation/employment is to be agreed, independent contractors (OSVČ) preferred).

Send the information about yourself and your motivation to Andrea ( until 15.9. 2017.

Our offer:
  • Personal realization and variety within a specific menu of the kitchen.
  • Free working hours = independence and freedom in organization and work planning and specific meal offers.
  • Membership in a shared office, preferential rental of training facilities and support for own projects (eg., business breakfast).


Café in Pracovna:

It is primarily a service for members in a shared office and clients who rent out catering facilities.

The café is open to the public, non-smoking, has 20 seats. We are open every weekday from 8:00 to 22:00. In case of a weekend rental of PRACOVNA premises, we are open on weekend too. We want everyone in PRACOVNA to feel nice and comfortable and make sure we do not act just as a serious office space. PRACOVNA has been operating for over two years, the café has a regular clientele and people like to come back to us.

Meals: Every day we offer at least one cake, pie, cookie and hot soup. For catering, we also prepare meat dishes (finger-food style).

Everything in our kitchen is prepared fresh and we respond to seasonal offer of local ingredients. The daily menu is prepared so that we have at least one vegan and one gluten-free meal every day.

Beverages: Biomix of three kinds of coffee from Coffeesource Vršovice, light beer from Polička Municipal Brewery, Moravian wine from Hruška Winery, tapped Kofeina, homemade juices … We sell mainly Czech assortment and do not offer anything in glass bottles.


Who we are?

We are grateful for the opportunity of choosing our own path far from the routines of everyday life. A path that keeps changing, depending on who decides to join us on our way. Each of these people brings their own story and leaves a mark in the common space, which may or may not be noticed.

One of the important things for working is a place one likes to come back to, a place with nice and calm atmosphere that keeps you, at the same time, from growing lazy. A place that fills you with creative energy.

We are trying to create such a creative atmosphere here in Pracovna. But this atmosphere is also influenced by the people who come here.  Every one of them is different and may bring something new. We ourselves like working here and you are welcome to join us and try it too.


Shared office

Pracovna is a Czech word for “home office” and also a place where you can have your own desk and chair and get into the creative frame of mind that makes your work easier. We provide standard office equipment (printer, photocopier, Wi-Fi) and do our best to make the workspace pleasing and personal for everyone who comes to work here.

Space for rent

A space that can be tailored to suit the needs of your company or cultural events with space to sit or move around freely. We can provide chairs and tables or lend you our projector, flip chart, speakers or exercise mats.